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Pressure Blowers

Pressure blowers are ideal for applications requiring high pressures at relatively low volumes of air. Pressure blower performance will remain stable through the operating range and can be turned down to zero flow via a discharge damper. Twin City Fan & Blower offers a wide range of blower types, including turbo and heavy-duty pressure blowers, and sizes to meet clean or particulate-laden airstream applications. A variety of impeller types are available as well, such as radial back plate, backward curved, open radial and shrouded. Housings are fabricated of steel, cast aluminum or cast iron. Pressure blowers are used in many industrial applications including dust collection, flue gas recirculation, material handling, explosion-proof processes and wet well station exhaust.


  • High Temperature
  • Spark Resistant Construction (Type A, B and C)
  • Nominally Leak-Tight Construction
  • Special Materials