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Twin City Fan is well-known for leveraging our engineering expertise to provide customized solutions. That’s why our customers who design and build pollution control systems for the asphalt industry depend on our fans for their day-to-day air moving needs. With our broad range of products and vast selection of accessories, we can provide a variety of project-specific construction features including external inlet vanes with SS axles, nylon bearings for trouble free modulation, as well as custom-made bases and belt guards. We can also offer inlet cones and wheel shrouds made out of “corten” and higher grade materials to improve the durability of our fans.

Our fans are relied upon for a wide variety of uses for all aspects of the brick making process from start to finish. Our products are used for purposes as diverse as drying applications, dust collection, material handling and a variety of general ventilation. Many of these fans require special materials and features to withstand a wide range of operating conditions associated with these environments and play a key role in the wide array of processes and general ventilation including:

Brick Manufacturing
Dust Collection
Kiln Dryers
Material Handling
Over Fire Air
Combustion Air
Oven Recirculation
Oven Exhaust
Process Heating

General HVAC for Plant Ventilation & Human Comfort
Rooftop Exhaust
Sidewall Exhaust and Supply
Emergency Smoke Control Systems
Energy Recovery
Air Make-Up & OEM AHUs