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There are many different processes and systems involved with the production of microchips (silicon wafers). These fabrication facilities utilize very sophisticated air supply, control and delivery systems to ensure they maintain consistent quality control of the product. The fans used in these systems play a vital role in this entire process and are typically required to meet stringent balance, efficiency and noise specifications. Twin City Fan supplies fans that meet the requirements of all of the air moving applications involved with the production of state-of-the-art microchips. Some of the applications in the microchip industry for which TCF has provided fans include:

Air Handling Equipment
Clean Room Recirculation Units
Fan/Filter Units
Modular Plenum Fans
Ultra-Low Vibration Fans

Process, Plating, Printing and Heat Treatment
High Pressure Air Handling
High Temperature Exhaust
Fume Exhaust
Odor Control

Material Handling and Conveying
Radial Bladed Fans
Air Floatation Table Units
Dust Collection
Low Velocity Air Systems