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Twin City Fan has the engineering depth to supply fans for virtually every application surrounding the cement manufacturing process. Our experience in designing and testing allows us to manufacture the fans that deliver high reliability in a dusty, abrasive, high-temperature cement plant environment. Depending on the specific application, we can custom design any fan with an impressive selection of accessories and options, including specialty materials, coatings, custom safety guards, non-sparking units, explosion-proof motors and high temperature construction features.

Cement Manufacturing
Air Slides
Combustion Air
Dust Collection
Forced Draft
Oven Exhaust
Oven Recirculation
Process Heating
Material Handling
Clinker Cooler

General HVAC for Plant Ventilation & Human Comfort
Rooftop Exhaust
Sidewall Exhaust and Supply
Emergency Smoke Control Systems
Energy Recovery
Air Make-Up & OEM AHUs