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Fiberglass Upblast Centrifugal Roof Ventilator, Direct Drive


The WA Fiberglass Centrifugal Roof Ventilator is specifically designed for applications requiring the exhaust of chemical fumes or cooking grease where the removal away from the roof line is required. This unit is ideal for use with ducts, hoods, or canopies over interior work areas. The WA is also used in natatoriums, aquariums, indoor swimming pools, laboratories, waste water treatment plants, and any other area where corrosive fumes present a problem.

Sizes (wheel diameters)

  • 7 to 18.5 inches (180 mm to 470 mm)


  • Airflow to 3,030 CFM (5,100 m3/hour)
  • Static pressure to 1 inch w.g. (250 Pa)