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The electric motor provides a method of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy to perform some physical task or work. The electric motor is by far the most common method for powering a ventilating fan today. Twin City Fan has many options and sizes to choose.

GridSmartTM IEx Motors

The new GridSmartTM IEx Integrated Motor from Infinitum Electric is an All-In-One Solution. From motor to drive, the versatility and size makes it ideal for a variety of applications. The ironless, printed circuit board (PCB) stator has the ability to optimize the stator winding design, thus minimizing eddy current losses and/or I2R losses without the limitations imposed by stator slot geometry and distribution. This consistently produces identical coils through precise and repeatable PCB manufacturing processes.

GridSmartTM EC Motors

GridSmartTM EC motors offer improved reliability and will notably decrease the amp draw. The EC motors utilize an electronic circuit board to control the functionality of the motor. The motor operates off of single phase AC power, which is converted to DC power within the motor’s circuitry. We also off the ability to work with the new GridPoint EC Motor Controller. A major improvement for our new line of EC motors is the GridPoint controller. The new GridPoint controller provides a very positive field experience and allows a user to set the specific operating speed as well as the maximum speed of the motor. The new GridPoint is a plug and play handheld speed controller that will allow the user to switch the motor to run in one of two operation modes: Constant speed mode and 0-10V mode. Any one controller can be used on every one of the new EC ¼ HP motors, which means you will not require an individual speed controller to accompany every fan on an order.

Look for more HP options to be rolled out in the near future!