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TCF Industrial Process Systems


Providing the best technical
fan solutions. Period.

There’s a reason why we will have a reputation of being the most knowledgeable in the markets we serve…come and see for yourself.

OEM Fan Systems


Offering the most complete range
of OEM Fan solutions in the market.

Experience Matters. We know what it takes to cater to our customers’ project-specific requirements across the globe.

Value Added Engineering


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of markets in the fan industry.

We understand that the unique requirements of our customers by looking at the need behind the need. It’s what we do.

TCF Europe

Twin City Fan & Blower is a leading worldwide force in fans and blowers, delivering probably the widest range of air handling solutions for all types of applications. We are the preferred partners of many global manufacturers, a position earned by deep knowledge, excellence in design and a commitment to quality and service.

The international expansion of Twin City Fan Companies is a key part of our globalisation of manufacturing, service and support to broaden service to customers in European markets.  Experienced local teams are backed by an unrivalled depth of design, application and manufacturing capability.

Our ability to respond rapidly to your requirements is based on our proven approach which we call ‘mass customisation’. From a huge range of well-tested standard designs we have the flexibility to tailor these to your precise needs.  So you can have a solution which  precisely matches your specification with the reliability, cost-efficiency and speed of delivery of large-scale production.

The team at TCF Europe are well placed to assist with your design requirements, provide detailed drawings and costings, ensure efficient manufacture and provide all the support you need to deliver a successful project.


Having the peace of mind that your fan is installed and operating properly prior to start-up is crucial. That is why Twin City Fan offers a wide range of field services, including inlet and wheel operational clearances, torque verification, shaft alignment, balance and vibration testing. As part of our standard start-up services, Twin City Fan field personnel will conduct a variety of inspection checks to ensure the fan is ready for start-up — all the way from the foundation bolts to the lubrication of the fan.

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Fan Retrofits

If you are looking to upgrade an existing fan to accommodate system upgrades, process enhancements or to suit new environmental regulations, our team of fan experts has you covered. Twin City Fan has extensive expertise in retrofitting fans from all fan manufacturers. We can also provide engineered retrofit packages that are designed to increase the efficiency of large industrial fans that can have paybacks in as little as six months.

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