Aero Acoustic Diffuser™
(U.S. Patent 8025477)

E-Series Plenum Fans

Traditional acoustic silencers attenuate sound at the expense of additional pressure drop resulting in higher power consumption and lower aerodynamic efficiencies.

Twin City Fan and Blower’s patented Aero Acoustic Diffuser™ (U.S. Patent 8025477) achieves discharge sound power reduction by up to 3dBA. Static pressure is boosted and aerodynamic static efficiency increases by up to 4%.

When used with Twin City Fan & Blower’s E-Series plenum fans, static efficiency up to 80% is achieved on a size 365 (36.5" wheel diameter)…the best in the industry.

Higher air handling unit system pressure drops, equating to more coil rows or high efficiency filters, can be handled with the same size fan running at the same speed. In certain cases, a smaller size fan may be selected for a given application.

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