With our unmatched product range and flexibility, Twin City Fan can provide all types of air moving equipment for textile manufacturing facilities. Typical applications in this environment include fans for drum filters, forming processes, air stripper and air washing processes, material handling, and general HVAC. Our large, highly experienced design staff will work with you to provide exactly the right fan for your application.

Commonly Used Fans
BAE-SW – Airfoil Centrifugal Fans
BC-SW – Backward Inclinded Centrifugal Fans
BCS – Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans
HRT – Radial Tip Fans
RBA – Radial Bladed Fan, Air Handling Wheel
RBO – Radial Bladed Fan, Paddle Wheel
RBR – Radial Bladed Fan, Paddle Wheel
RBP – Radial Bladed Fan, Paper Handling Wheel
RBW – Radial Bladed Fan, Backplate Wool Wheel
RTF – Radial Tip Fans