TCF offers the most comprehensive range of fans for heating and ventilating in all types of buildings.

Our proven designs are an integral part of the climate control systems of offices, residential blocks, shopping malls, airports and stadiums.

In addition to providing packaged air handlers and roof-top units, we can supply exhaust for garages, kitchens, elevator shafts, stairwells and jet bridges.

Our philosophy of ‘mass customisation’ ensures that a proven design can be applied with confidence to meet the needs of any building. 

Commonly Used Fans
Plenum Fans
BAE-SW – Airfoil Centrifugal Fans
BAE-DW – Airfoil Centrifugal Fans
BC-SW – Backward Inclinded Centrifugal Fans  
BC-DW – Backward Inclinded Centrifugal Fans  
TSL - Mixed Flow Fans
RBA – Radial Bladed Fan, Air Handling Wheel
RBO – Radial Bladed Fan, Paddle Wheel
RBR – Radial Bladed Fan, Paddle Wheel
RBP – Radial Bladed Fan, Paper Handling Wheel
RBW – Radial Bladed Fan, Backplate Wool Wheel