Air Pollution Control

TCF offers a comprehensive choice of fans which meet the stringent requirements of air pollution control.

Our fans contribute to key processes which destroy contaminants or remove them from air streams before they are released into the atmosphere.

Special features can include leak-tight design and special sealing characteristics.  Construction materials take account of process temperatures and potential contaminants within the airstream including spark resistant construction (ATEX where required).

With wide knowledge of the technical requirements of pollution control and a vast range of design options, TCF can contribute to safe and efficient processes for any industry or utility.

Commonly Used Fans
BC-SW – Backward Inclined Centrifugal
BC-DW – Backward Inclined Centrifugal
BCS – Backward Curved Centrifugal
TCBI – Backward Inclined Centrifugal
HIB – Backward Curved High Efficiency
HRT – Radial Tip Fans
RTF – Radial Tip Fans
Radial Bladed Fans
Pressure Blowers